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Family Guardian Law - the finest legal site on the web!

SupremeLaw.ORG -Law as you never understood it before - for the attorney who DARES to KNOW!

For all students of LAW including the non-bar member Citizen lawyer, Pro Se, In Propria Persona, legal education community and those who wish to understand and learn the Law this collection is made available for your enlightenment. No one makes any representations as to the quality, general value, or completeness of the outlines. These files can be used to study law. We also encourage you to download and mirror these files on other web sites.

"The greatest threat to our Freedom and Democracy is our own ignorance and the inability to use the law"

Review two of the most   IMPORTANT   books in law today!

"Expungements 2nd Edition" - Freedom from the Disability of a Legal Record
"Defending Your Employee Rights"- The Ultimate Employee Survival Guide!

How To Download the Law Study Files:

For convenience, the files are compressed and contain either Word Perfect, Microsoft Word or Adobe format files.

Law Study Guides and Outlines

Administrative Law admin.zip
Anti-Trust anti.zip
Business Organizations bizo.zip
Business Organizations bizo2.zip
Business Organizations bizo3.zip
Citizenship, Nationality and Naturalization *** Hot citizen.zip
Civil Litigation civlit.zip
Civil Procedure I-IV civpro1-4.zip
Complex Litigation comlit.zip
Constitutional Law I & II conlaw.zip
Creditor Rights credr.zip
Criminal Law crimlaw1.zip
Criminal Procedure I & II crimpro.zip
Complete Pre Trial Discovery Form Collection discovery.exe
For use with "Expungements"   - Clearing the Legal Record expform.exe
Wills, Estates and Trusts decest.zip
Evidence I & II evid.zip
Family Law famlaw.zip
Tax Law - As Practiced in the U.S. - Must have taxlaw.zip
International Tax intltax.zip
The Law of Jurisdiction - Stars excel in juridisction. juridiction.zip
Land Use Planning lnduse.zip
Market Regulation I & II markr.zip
Legal Professional Responsibility - Attorney Ethics I, II & III profres.zip
Property I-IV prop.zip
Strategy and Tactics - From the practitioners strategy.zip
Torts torts.zip
White Collar Crime wccd.zip

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