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"EXPUNGEMENTS" 3rd Edition

Freedom from the Disability of a Legal Record

  Third Edition   Shipping Now!

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International Standards Book Number (ISBN) 0-9662018-7-6
Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) 2003091108


Major courts adopt "Expungements" argument !

Read the recent decision by the courts of New Jersey in their adoption of our long standing arguments in this successful expungement of criminal records.....

 175 Pages.  Illustrated with forms 

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The law as written in this book applies to ALL states. Do not allow anyone including attorneys or judges to tell you you can not get legal relief if you are no longer a risk or threat to society. If you do not stand up for your own rights no one else will! Limited time at 25% discount

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 "U.S. Law Books’ Expungements (3rd) ....   At 175 pages, this resource provides a more exhaustive treatment of expungement than other works on the market . I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and writing this review (full review link).  Thank you for your valuable contribution in this field." Captain Darrell Baughn, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Office of the Judge Advocate General.

Thanks for your very prompt delivery to me of "Expungements Third Edition."It had the right information in it for me. The expression of concern and humanity of the person who took the time and effort to write this book can only be measured by the salubrious effect that it will have upon any person who closely follows its instructions. C.B.  

 "I received the book today (3nd  edition ). Thank you for your prompt response. The book is excellent, with far more information than I expected. Again, thank you." from  K.W.
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The most complete site on the Internet when it comes to information on expungements. Everything you need to know about Expungements. Information for every state included. 
  (Includes what the attorneys and courts won't tell you that you must know*)
*Be knowledgeable. You should not attempt an expungement or even see an attorney if needed before reading this book. You may say the wrong  thing or fail to state the right things  that will result in a denial! 

Newly Revised and Expanded Third Edition - Now includes both Criminal and Civil Records.  Including  State and  Federal Departments and Administrative Agency Records Expungement, Sealing, Pardons,  Amendment and related procedures using the latest and most advanced legal filing to obtain records relief. Now with added coverage for all military branches. Read everything on this page  and be sure to review the FAQ page linked below with VERY important legal knowledge that majority of attorneys do not know!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Expungements

Pass a background check when applying for a job with a record expungement or amendment and enjoy life like everyone else.   

CRIMINAL RECORDS - It is tragic that over 4 million American citizens have a legal record that continues to disable them in society long after they have served their sentences and paid the penalties. Both civil and criminal  records often  become a life sentence disabling many Americans from enjoying  life's freedom to pursue their goals and ambitions. Criminal records resulting  from a shoplifiting, DUI, DWI, marijuana arrest, a one-time illegal act of a felony, crime or misdemeanors are a difficult disability to overcome without the expungement of these records. 

CIVIL RECORDS - Millions more have a  similar disability   because of records that have wrongful, inaccurate or incomplete civil and administrative records that are kept by state and federal government departments and agencies including all branches of the military. 

These disabling records and their resulting  sentence can prevent them from the right to vote, to hold elected office, obtaining veterans and other government benefits, denies them many other civil rights that the rest of the population enjoy and ends the dream of ever succeeding in life. But considered by many the most important handicap and disability of them all is the ability and the right to secure a job. When it comes to criminal records this is especially true for people convicted of lesser crimes and  former youthful offenders. These offenders with records most often are found in and come from the minority and poor communities. At times, these individuals had no or limited legal representation resulting in a conviction that a well paid attorney could easily and simply have had dismissed prior to any trial. You see it every day rich people getting away with murder.

In a recent interview political activist Angela Davis talked about the economics of the "Prison Industrial Complex." She pointed out that 1/3 of African-American males of voting age in Florida were unable to vote because of their history of interface with the prison- industrial-complex. Once a person is "criminalized" the ability to sell their labor is minimized to a point often far below minimum wage even when work is offered when there is knowledge of the applicant’s criminal record. This is outrageous in a civilized society. No individuals or groups should be  victims of  the systematized criminalization of our youth. It must stop, be prevented and reversed whenever possible.

This loss of the ability to secure a job is considered by the majority of persons the most the important of them all. This is especially true for former youthful offenders that now have a criminal record, especially in minority and disadvantaged communities. At times, these youthful offenders had no or limited legal representation resulting in a conviction that a well paid attorney could easily and simply have had dismissed prior to any trial through pre-trail intervention or disposed of for lack of substantial evidence. In one study (Appendix-Table 1), it was determined that less than 50 per cent of all non-motor vehicle criminal offenses resulted in dismissal or not guilty when defendants were represented or argued innocence at trial.

For many, their felony records were the result of drug related activity, a single-one time theft, youth gang related activity, burglary, or other felonious act that may even resulted in probation or dismissal or non conviction. At times even the totally innocent are convicted. All this activity results in a record. Yes, records even exist for dismissals. For others that were sentenced, served their time and also compensated their victims for their loss discover that the sentence goes on as long as their felony record exists.

Expungements and records modification is governed by laws of the various States and the federal zones.

See your state's laws here: STATE  BY STATE EXPUNGEMENT LAWS

Knowing the state law is a small part of what one needs. A complete understanding of the law is required so not to jeopardize an application for expungement as the process can fail irreparably so one may not be able to reapply. A careful review of ones case MUST be performed BEFORE applying.


This guide will explain expungement and how to apply  for one without risking failure. It explains what it is, what it is not, how to go about getting one with or without a legal professional. It is a guide that can be used for State and for Federal expungements. The guide details :


What is an Expungement?
What does it cost?
When and How you can get a FREE Expungement
How and why a  DISMISSED case must expunged
What you can do to improve your chances for an expungement
What an Expungement will do for you?
What does Your legal record consist of?
Where are the records located?
What Records can be Expunged?
Law Agency Addresses where the records are kept.
State and Federal Criminal Expungement
Why even a Misdemeanor Absolutely MUST   be Expunged
Drug arrest Expungements
Federal arrest Expungements
Youthful offender Expungements
How do I know if I am Eligible for an Expungement?
The Rule of Lenity
What can be Done if Expungement is denied?
How Do I get an Expungement?
Can I obtain an expungement on my own?
When can I expect a pardon?
What and how can records be sealed?
How does a clemency work?
How to get an expungement even when you have been DENIED. Yes, another way that works. Page 23.
Effect of an Expungement
Yes, You CAN Turn Back The Hands of Time!
How to Test the Effectiveness of an Expungement for Free
Free at Last!

Errors and inaccuracies in civil administrative records can also be debilitating when it comes to securing benefits and also resulting in a wrongful background check when applying for work. There records must also be changed. The new second edition has expanded coverage into this important area. 

CIVIL RECORDS - State and Federal Employees including Military Records
Time deadline requirements
Administrative Procedures
Court Procedures
Amendment of Records
Changes for Inaccurate or incomplete records
Elimination of Injustices resulting from erroneous  records

Answers to many of the most important questions that you do not even know to ask that you must ask - all answered.

*Exceptions for most expungements are rapists, child molesters and traitors.  Nearly every other crime is eligible. 

Whether or not anyone is granted such relief is highly dependent on the facts and circumstances of a case.

 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 Complete with case law supporting expungements,  general format filing forms that can be used in all states, letters, notices, certifications and affidavits required to apply for an expungement. Order today and begin the process of starting a new life free from the eternal sentence and disability of a criminal record.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Order a copy now for your child, brother/sister, friend, loved one, local library or incarcerated. We ship to alternate addresses at request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Expungements

Download the Expungement Forms for Use with Book

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