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The Best Employment Law Book since 1997!
"Defending Your Employee Rights 2nd"

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Best Selling Book 

Defending  Your Employee Rights 2nd, 140 pages. Illustrated.

"Defending Your Employee Rights 2nd"

Protecting Your Employee Rights from Fraud, Abuse, Retaliation, Discrimination, Workplace Violence, Harassment,  Exploitation, Wrongful and Retaliatory Terminations see "Defending your Employee Rights"  from  U.S. Law Books' updated and revised "Book of the Year 1997-2015 " The only employee rights book guide you will ever need when it comes to knowing your work rights and dealing with the wrongful employer. Know employment law as no attorney will ever explain it to you. You will understand your rights  and learn how to effectively put them to practice. This is the only book of its kind.
Finally a way to deal with the fraudulent, illegal, immoral, violent or unethical employer. A book EVERY current employee at risk of losing their job or even if recently and unjustly terminated must have . For all employees, managers and executives the secrets to protecting and recovering your lawful rights are finally out. The 2nd edition fully expanded. Order NOW!
B.H.  NEW YORK 2009 - In spite of being a top rated worker for 10 years my new manager forged my signature on a negative evaluation I never knew about or saw. It was used to terminate me. After reading the book I got that manager fired and they offered me my job back.
M.J.   CALIFORNIA 2010 - My manger started rumors about me that resulted in the corporate attorney firing me under some false legal criminal charges. I was vindicated and then both the manager and the corporate attorney were fired by the company president.



  The American Worker - Dogbert is Woefully Wrong!




You are at my mercy!    

                  I'll do and say as I please. Not a thing you can do because you do not know your rights!

In spite of the American worker as being the most productive (overworked) in the world there is a cult and culture of management in some companies that looks upon the American worker as objects for disrespect and exploitation. The level of insult to the American worker is arrogantly, boldly, shamelessly and joyfully expressed in Scott Adams' popular management book, " Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook". Adams writes employees have no power or options in a section entitled "Trust" (1.13) , besides using fear and intimidation, "....there is a tool for leaders (managers) like you too; it's called lying (to and about employees)" and he then goes on to foolishly say "there is no risk" for doing so!   How stupid and arrogant to even think so and more so to write such and have simpleton managers believe it?  You will have the power and know your options once you get this guide.

Advocating lying to and about people is outrageous, shocking and stupid that can often lead to serious legal ramifications (many managers were fired after employees read this book and applied the techniques  learned) Throughout the book the employee is looked upon and to be treated with the highest form of shameless contempt. Adams' attempt to put a satirical face on this workplace problem clearly fails. The message to management is that this is" how we do it" is a message that clearly comes through Dogbert. The advocacy of arrogance, disrespect and ill-will towards employees in this work is beyond belief. The book's broad appeal to management says enough in itself. But the Adams' work is only the symptom of the problem.

The Problem: Plain and Simple

You've reached an age where you are just not worth keeping on the job any longer. The company's promises whether written, oral or implied are all broken that if you do your job you will be able to retire. Or the company just hired you out of school after many promises and they "used" you for a few years to get their project done and now decide to dump you without the promises being kept. But age discrimination and misrepresentation are just few of the many areas companies are involved in when it comes to violating the law. Termination for pregnancy is very common along with sexual discrimination and coercion in promotion. Harassment and intimidation to making you quit is widespread. Fraud , misrepresentation and forgery are more common than ever. All these forms of violence and unlawful activity can be easily prevented, overcome and stopped once you know what can be done and how to do it. You have powerful legal rights that are lawfully protected.

What About Your Rights?

Many employers will tell you and want you to believe that you have no civil or constitutional rights once you become their employee as one of America's largest cookie companies claimed in Federal court in a 1998 employee civil rights case. They lost that argument. Can you imagine that? The arrogance? You probably have their cookies in your cupboard. They will cite the doctrine of "At-Will-Employment" and say to you "see"; "you have no rights." Well that is only a small part of the story.

In most cases you have no right to a secure job unless you have a written employment contract. Without a contract you are considered a "at-will-employee". That often means you can be let go from your job at any time for no reason - period! There are many little known and non-publicized powerful state and federal legal exceptions to the "doctrine of at-will-employment" and many other protections available. For a more detailed look at those rights and additional information regarding them visit the site and review the book "Defending Your Employee Rights" The book details the law, the strategy and tactics you can use to protect yourself from wrongful actions by individuals in companies, managers, and supervisors whenever they try to "set you up" for a illegal termination. The book details how you can turn their tactics and psychological ploys against them in a way that gives you so much power that most of them will be terminated by their own companies for violating the law and getting themselves and their company into a deep and serious legal predicament that they can't escape from. This is some the most important information you can find and is the only book of it's kind.

Pretense and Tactics Used to Terminate Workers by Employers.

As we see in Adams' book his advocacy of lying to and about employees and that it's OK to do so leads these managers to employ a whole host of acts.

These are just a few:

  • You have been doing a great job all these years and then get a false poor performance review by a new supervisor.
  • You get called in and told the company is reorganizing and your position has been eliminated.
  • You are given a new job that does not use the skills you have and told that you don't know how to do the job.
  • They just relocated a select seniority or age group large group of employees far from their homes just to force them to quit (clever-happens often)
  • You are called and told you've been terminated for harassing a co-worker.
  • Your boss keeps making you work long hours, weekends and gives you unrealistic deadlines.
  • Your boss is bullying you and threatens to fire you for no good reason at all.
  • Your supervisor makes comments with sexual overtones or are pressured to date them
  • Your manager makes disparaging remarks about your race, nationality or religion.
  • Your superior makes hostile or intimidating comments.
  • You have developed an illness or disability and are terminated shortly thereafter
  • You are pregnant and all of a sudden you are terminated under some false pretense.

You are in the process of being setup so they can terminate you. Is there anything you can do?
Yes! There is much you can do. Build a case and use the Law! How do you do that?

A few tips from the book:

  • Understand the Human Resources and Personnel Departments - from John Leonard, HR Specialist
  • Learn the of Employee Rights - form Kate Flannigan - Executive Placement Specialist
  • Develop A Defensive Strategy - Collect Evidence - from Mary Egano, Peronnell Manager
  • Network In Confidence - get Witnesses


Almost every meeting that concerns management and employees that raise possible legal issues are held with the employers legal interface the personnel or human resource person. This person is there for a number of reasons. HR gets paid to help companies be profitable by managing its personnel. HR tries to provide cost efficient and effective personnel to meet the company's goal for the bottom line. Personnel managers know if they fail to do what they were hired for that they will get fired. Sometimes it means they must tacitly ignore and violate the legal and ethical boundaries set forth in the employer-employee relationship. Personnel often acts as judge and jury when it comes to employee related issues. Their judgment calls on average are marginal at best. That means often they are wrong but the employee just doesn't know it. Too often management violates the law and personnel or HR ignores it. Other times is does not. Some HR managers in a corporate culture that will not tolerate management violating the law and side with the employee. Those managers are a rare and dying breed given the goals they are charged with today by corporate management. Many personnel managers are good at what they do but, as the book reveals there are many that just don't know their jobs well enough because they just don't stay abreast with the most recent court rulings and will find themselves in court with the employee. They often make serious legal mistakes that favor the employee but the average employee cannot recognize or take advantage of their mistakes". The book points out many of the most common mistakes employers and their management make every day. Once you recognize the mistakes and take advantage of them, their fraudulent attempts to terminate you will backfire on them legally and the employee gets fairness and justice". The book helps to show you how to spot these mistakes and use them effectively and often getting the persons and the involved terminated.

Employer Scenario: The Set Up to Terminate or Fire You

Generally organizations have to follow strict guidelines to terminate you for legal reasons. They must document their reasons for termination well in advance. You are almost always going to know that they have "targeted" you for termination. Remember setting you up and firing you is part of the corporate rite of passage to the next level of management that each aspiring manager must accomplish. It is one of the biggest thrills supervisors experience. With this book you can make it their nightmare!

What you will learn:

  • What to do when you get called in "on the carpet" and are falsely accused of activity that is used to terminate you.
  • How to respond to a supervisor when they give you a fraudulent appraisal.
  • How and when to get human resources personnel involved to your advantage.
  • The need for witnesses and how that works for you.
  • How to respond to all false performance claims with an effective counter claim.
  • What evidence you can collect and use to prove your case.
  • What to do when asked to sign a false performance appraisal.
  • What do you do if you don't get satisfaction?
  • How to find, hire, manage, and work with an attorney.

Defend Your Rights - Understanding How to Use the Law to Rightfully Protect Yourself

Use the Law to defend your employee rights. America has been blessed and some would say cursed by the legal system that has grown into an industry of it's own. The Law in matters of the workplace can and will help if applied lawfully, reasonably and appropriately. You have many legal options that you just don't know or are aware of. Only the best and some of the most expensive attorneys know and use these laws effectively. Areas of Law that can be applied include:

  • Discrimination for Disability
  • Workplace Torts
  • Worker's Compensation- You must understand how this works. You give up many rights unknowingly.
  • Criminal Violations by Employers
  • Age Discrimination
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Class Action Lawsuits for multiple victims of Same Employer
  • Violation of Public Policy
  • Whistle Blower Law
  • Claim of Retaliatory Discharge
  • Federal Employment Law Violations
  • State Employment Law Violations
  • RICO Complaints! Identifying and documenting employer criminal conspiracy/activity
  • Intentional Infliction of Harm by Employer or it's Employees and many more!

So How do I Protect Myself?

To use the above listed legal theories in defending your rights and other strategies you need the guidance of a employment legal professional and you must read "Defending Your Employee Rights 2nd" . This book details the law and how it is applied and will teach you a strategy that will lawfully challenge employers exercising, discriminatory, illegal, violent, fraudulent, any criminal practices and other wrongful activities. You will clearly and quickly learn how and where you can find protection using the Law. Although this book's intended audience is the employee this book is recommended for employers, corporate executives that want to know what is happening in the ranks, attorneys, business managers and supervisors, personnel departments and human resource professionals.

The content of this book also serves to put on notice employers that continue the violent, fraudulent, illegal, and criminal practice of denying hard working Americans their fair and due share of the fruits of their labor and their "American Dream" that employees today have at their disposal the legal knowledge that has been kept from them and will use that knowledge to protect their lawful rights. Employees from this day onward will defend their rights whenever they are victims of this type of wrongful action. Employees can, must, and will use this knowledge lawfully with a attorney in the defense from these violations of common decency and breach of the public trust.

Protect your career.

This EMPLOYEE SURVIVAL guide is the closest you will get to getting job security insurance!


Finally do not get angry, hurt yourself or others but calmly put the power back into your hands and lawfully defend your rights. Get THE INFORMATION that no employer, their human resources or their lawyers want you to have today!


To read more about and from the book see:

Image of Book  The best kept Secrets from  "Defending Your Employee Rights"? Image of Book

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International Standards Book Number (ISBN) # 0-9662018-0-9
Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) # 97-076120 

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