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Current Best Seller

"Defending Your Employee Rights 2nd"

employee rights book of the year

Best Selling book  for Defending  Your Employee Rights 2nd, 140 pages. Illustrated

 From the publishers of "EXPUNGEMENTS 3rd Ed"  - Freedom from the disability of a Legal Record  book!

Did you know 40% of all civil court cases involve employment matters? If you are an employee, know your rights. If you don't know them you have none.

For a LIMITED TIME at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT available only here direct from the publisher. Bookmark now.

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Just Some of Inside Legal Information Revealed in this Book

The FACT IS you don't have to tolerate ANY illegality by the employer or coworker. Here are some of the things YOU will learn and what you can do:

  1) The BIG one and most common employer tactic. How to effectively stop the wrongful employer when they use harassment or intimidation in trying to get you to quit!(Chap.11)

 2) What you need to know about Worker's Compensation, Discrimination (ADA),Civil Rights Violations, Defamation, Retaliation, Slander and more on the job!(Chap.16)

 3) Invoking the protection of all the possible Federal and State laws to protect you. Yes, you can lawfully seek help in two or more jurisdictions(state-federal  in civil and administrative courts) simultaneously!(Chap.10)

 4) How and when you can put fraudulent and wrongful employers, supervisors, and managers into jail!(Chap.18)

 5) How to sue and win against individuals in the company and then lawfully take their house, car, any and all real property from the wrong doers and criminals.(Chap.16)

  6) Identifying how, why, when and where the wrongful company is most vulnerable in their fraudulent, illegal, and wrongful termination of you.(Chap.11)

  7) What you should know about a wrongful company's tactics and how to use those tactics to your advantage.(Chap.10)

 8) The Almost Unknowable Secret Psychological workings of management and how you can use it. No employer knows of this one! Chap. 5)

  9) Information that we have found that time and time again that most people including legal professionals just don't understand that you must know.(Chap.17)

10) When it's time for you to act and preemptive moves you can make. You must understand "ripeness"!(Chap.12)

11) Getting complete legal control over your current or recent wrongful employer.(Chap.12)

12) Negotiating your own severance package. Getting the most when you decide to leave.(Chap.16)

13) Avoiding the biggest mistake you can make as an employee.(Chap.8)

14) Finding, identifying and managing the right legal representation and helping them build a case for you.(Chap.17)

15) Obtaining totally free legal representation by the best professionals who will fight your case!(Chap.18)

16) Strategies and tactics used in the termination process. Spot them - Stop them!(Chap.8)

17) Cues, clues and tips that you are about to be or are being setup for wrongful termination.(Chap.6)

18} What to do and who will help when your union won't.(Chap.20)

19) Understanding the many legal theories and which one if not all of them you can use to defend your employee rights.(Chap.12)

20) How to develop a strategic plan from your first day on the job to protect your lawful rights.(Chap.2)

21) The Pure Power Knock-Out of a free "CLASS ACTION" filing when two or more of you are discriminated against!(Chap.9)

22) The BIGGEST Secret! What to do when "nothing works" and no one wants to help. A resource that NEVER fails! (Chap. 20)

23) KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! For the first time for the general public right from the judge's chamber, the actual jury charge as established by the U.S. Federal District Court that ALL state and federal courts must follow. The four elements of proof for your discrimination case. Without them you have no case. They are easily established when they exist. (Chap. 12)



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          The law applied correctly terrifies wrongful employers. If and when applied as the law allows it results in a employee having a powerful advantage in cases that involve fraudulent, discriminatory, retaliatory or wrongful terminations in violation of law. With this information employees will be able to fight back with the strength and power that even a "dream team" of employment lawyers can't even imagine to exist. This book will show you how to prepare a defensive case that a wrongful employer just can't win. It will detail and explain how and why you can be far more effective in preparing a winning case.

Once you read and use what is in this book any employers involved in illegal practices, wrong doings or using fraud to terminate employees will wish they never wronged you in the first place. Get this "revolutionary" information in your hands now! If you are a victim of this type of unlawful treatment by a employer you will definitely set straight the wrongful employer. The law is on your side!

It is important that if you are about to be or are in the early stages of being a victim of employer wrong doings that you contact a lawyer and get this book right away. Even if you have already left the employer you must act quickly. Time is of the essence. You MUST get this information as soon as possible!

In the final analysis you will understand the law as it applies in a way almost no lawyer will explain to you for reasons that will be disclosed in the book. With this information you will be able to help yourself and your attorney to prove your case.

This book is not for the faint at heart. It is for those who are determined to rightfully and lawfully protect and defend their rights as prescribed by and under existing law. Do not allow anyone to tell you that you have no rights!

It's no more business as usual for employers. You can put an end to the violence, abuse, fraud, and exploitation you are experiencing. Then make them pay legal penalties like they never have paid before with the information in this book! Even put employers that use forgery, fraud, conspiracy (RICO) and other criminal activity in jail!

Protect your career, recognize the risks and how to handle them.

Please note that  Time is of the Essence!
There are Legal Deadlines and Statutes of Limitations that   Must   be  Known Met and  Kept !   Get   this   Book   Now!



International Standards Book Number (ISBN) # 0-9662018-0-9
Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) # 97-076120

You No longer need to feel:
  Defenseless , Hopeless  , Helpless  , or  Uninformed! !

Publisher's List Price $49.95

The Law as It Applies to ALL 50 STATES!

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