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General Comments

" U.S. Law Books   has  the best legal collections for the American citizen- lawyer. Yes, citizen-lawyers are those who have discovered that the average person can master the secrets of the law by teaching themselves the use and  practice of law in the courts once they have the "right"  books- we have them all here. The law books selected by U.S. Law Books   are the most effective, useful  and least  expensive law books that money can buy. These are the  same ones judges and attorneys use for a fraction of the price. Finally the law affordable for every library. The Emanuel law study books are the best to start with. These are the same ones used in law schools-inexpensive. Some law books are a great investment and increase in value. Law is a collective history of court rulings and the books do not become obsolete."  SEE OUR HAND SELECTED LAW COLLECTION and buy a  law book as a gift for a family member, for yourself or a friend. Do not visit U.S. Law Books without ordering at least one book. It will change your life forever. (Note: comments have not been edited.)

"Defending Your Employee Rights"

"I hired an attorney to sue my former employer for giving me bad job references. The attorney told me to get his book to understand the legal process. After reading it I knew about as much as I ever needed to know about wrongful terminations and preparing a case. The book revealed what I had to do to prove my case. After getting the evidence as outlined the attorney took my case without me having to pay on a contingency." Ken L.  NJ


"My son forged a teachers name to get out of a class that HR did not like. He is only 13 . I don't think he came up with this idea on his own but he says that he did. Part of his punishment was finding out exactly what forgery is, how it hurts and it's criminal punishment. Your web site was perfect because it was straightforward, not complicated and to the point. I think he now understands what he has done. I just wanted to thank your web site for your non complicated info, easy enough for a child to understand."    Nancy R.

Book Image     "How to Win a Lawsuit Without Hiring a Lawyer"

This Boston's Constitutional Law attorney David C. Grossack book   helped me take my case to court and as soon as I filed the party settled.  Many clear examples for organizing a lawsuit, including filing complaints properly and understanding "due process". All are covered well with examples. This book is a must for civil rights complaints and gives you a real effective understanding of the law.   G.H. Chicago, IL                               

Book Image    "Expungements 3rd Edition" - Freedom from the disability of a legal record.

After I got married I found out my husband had a criminal record and could not get hired by any employer that did a reference check. He was embarrassed to tell me of a drug bust at a party where they we all taken to jail. He did not know he could have his record cleaned. He is now is the process of getting it thanks to this book. E.G.M. Atlantic City N.J.

Book Image    " Defending Your Employee Rights" - From wrongful terminations, fraud and discrimination.

The   Most important book  in employment law today!  The talk of employment lawyers across the country. Currently in the center of major litigation by one of America's largest employers that is trying to destroy it and the message it brings today! Every employee, employer, attorney and lawyer needs to have a copy on their desk!

C.I.O. Washington, D.C.

Highly recommended for the general public in its simplicity in their attempt to learn the role of law and its application in the workplace. Insightful and so thought provoking that new and even the most experienced attorneys will find Eastman's perspective shockingly surprising, eye opening and inspirational. Truly refreshing from both a professional and practical perspective in its breadth and scope. An amazing synthesis of legal, psychological, sociological and philosophical machinations. A rare work that belongs on every law desk. A true classic for our time!

W.O.D. Attorney at Law, Baltimore, MD

I received the book, and I am grateful for it. I was terminated from my job after I complained about sex discrimination. I did my homework, Document, Document, Document. I won my unemployment case, and today I had a message on my answering machine from the EEOC, that they have a proposed settlement offer.

MRS... E.G, Clearwater, FL

The statement that I gave them they got a real feeling that a lawyer prepared it and that I had seeked guidance in this matter. I could tell this because they started treating me differently. I felt like I had some bargaining power for the first time. The statement told them all the things I wanted from salary and bonuses to vacation and personal day pay. I told them that if they did not agree to do everything than I did not agree to Friday as my last day. I also told them if we did not agree to everything on the statement than I would reconsider my next move. I think this left them with a feeling of we better close this thing now or it could get ugly. Friday they told me that they would have a written document, as I had requested, available for me Monday that agreed to everything that I wanted. So, I do not feel good about what happened and I wish I would have had your book long ago, but; at least I ended up getting what it is necessary for me and my family to be alright until I find a new job. By their actions I think they felt like I had a case against them or they did not want the publicity. So the book was right I faught and I got what I needed. If I would not of faught I would have left with nothing. It felt really good to communicate with them holding some negotiating power rather than them holding all the cards. I thank-you very sincerely. Your book really helped me and I feel if it was not for your book I would have walked away empty handed. Sincerely, David.

Mr. D.P. Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for sending the book so promptly. Actually, I guess I should be thanking your publisher but thank you all. This book is priceless! I've read it once and have tagged notes all over it. I'm going to sit down and read it again and again and again. The biggest secret of them all. . . Wow! I would never have thought to do that. But I do believe that I will be doing that shortly. And knowing when you have established a prima facie case. That, just by itself, is worth the price of the book. I will be sending you more feedback I'm sure. Right now, all I can say is THANK YOU!

Mr. M.W. Raleigh, N.C.

I am a computer programmer, analyst and developer for 14 years. I had been getting excellent reviews over all these years. I was a dedicated worker. One day I got a new manager. This manager gave me a negligent appraisal and then forged my signature on a personnel document which was the basis for my termination. After reading this book I got this manager fired for fraud. I am on my way to a big civil suit suing my former manager, the H.R. manager individually and personally. I am also suing my former company separately. I'd never have survived without his book!

Mrs. E. H.  Irving, Tx.

I had been repeatedly harassed by management. Then they wrongfully terminated me. After reading this book and I followed the steps as outlined I was reinstated. The book and its web site truly inspired me to pursue the defense of my rights as an employee. Before this book I was led to believe I had no rights at all. I could not believe that I had the rights as outlined in the book until reading it.

Mrs. J. C.   Newport, RI

"Defending Your Employee Rights" showed me how to really turn the tables when I was fraudulently and wrongfully being setup by a supervisor for termination. Even after I discussed the problem with management and they did nothing I was able to use the law correctly with my new lawyer to protect my rights as an employee. The supervisor and management all learned that I was not going to be treated like business as usual. Once I learned and knew how to exercise my rights I was back on equal footing with my employer and treated respectfully.

Mr. M. R.  Holland, Mi.

My company is about to lay off a large group of people and I suspect I may be thrown into the group. They recently changed my grade and title and demoted me without saying anything to me. This book has has shown me what I can lawfully do to protect my interests. I never knew that companies had no right to just do as they please. I  also discovered that I am a member of a protected class of worker. Everyone over 40 is in a protected class. Now I know the warning signs of discrimination against this group of workers. Great book!

Mr. B. J.   Baton Rouge, La.

I was impressed with the "inside" knowledge contained in this book that even an attorney would not give me. Specifically I was amazed that the book included the exact jury charge for the finding of discrimination by a judge or jury in employment cases. The book clearly explained how to tell when you have a case. I also know exactly where I stand now and when my case is "ripe" enough to file a complaint that I can prove. I spent over $200.00 at a law office for a one hour consultation. For one quarter of that amount I got all the information that would have taken another 100 hours to explain. Packed with valuable information.

 Mr. T. H.  Los Angeles, Ca.

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