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January 3,2009  major courts adopt "Expungements 3rd " argument !

You can expunge your records. Read the recent decision by the courts of New Jersey in their adoption of our long standing arguments in this successful expungement of criminal records.....

expung criminal misdemeanor record dwi driving.  Joseph Dumanov


EDITORIAL: "Expungements 3rd- Freedom from the disability of a legal record" * since its first publication in 1999 and now in its 3rd edition (Eastman, editor) is the book that has affected and changed the laws throughout the nation at every level from local, state and federal jurisdiction for all matters relating to to the correction and expungements of administrative, civil and criminal records. In our recent telephone interview with the author, lawyer (non-attorney) and pro bono publico legal counsellor contacted during his medical research studies while at Imperial College London shortly after the publication of the court's decision (November 15, 2008) Joseph Dumanov, went on to say "Since the day I read the editorial in the New Jersey Law Journal (1999?) describing the plight of over 8 million American young adults with misdemeanor and other minor criminal records that were unable to get their lives back on track including entering college or obtaining meaningful employment is what called me to labor and create this work. I can now say that I am very pleased that a state such as New Jersey has recognized the main thesis and argument of this work in relieving the disability that so many young people suffer from such injurious legal records. Both the attorney for the petitioner and the Court fully recognized my legal position and nearly verbatim from the book cited in counsel's arguments and ultimately also used in the Court's ruling. Such is expected from a civilized society that understands the social challenges our youth are faced with and so poorly prepared for at every level. Although many attempts were made to discourage this argument over the years I was certain that justice would prevail in cases where expungements are appropriate and that such an argument would prevail. Many state courts have accepted parts of the many arguments in 'Expungements'. I have been called by at least one state supreme court clerk for discussion and ultimate judicial review. With New Jersey's adoption of this successful argument it truly sets a national legal precedent that modern and contemporary jurisprudence can follow in every state. I am optimistic and expectant that my thesis that includes other arguments that will also be adopted by the courts in other areas of applicable law when argued by lawyers anywhere  in America."

"Jurists, especially civil rights advocates will recognize the greater implication of this ruling going beyond this limited application of law is that of shifting the burden back to the state a practice almost totally forgotten or disregarded by practitioners. "

"I  am especially pleased with this ruling and wish to recognize the attorney for the petitioner Vincent J. Gaughan arguing for his advocacy as an expungement lawyer in obtaining this ruling. It was long due. "

expung my legal records free



 "U.S. Law Books’ Expungements (3rd) ....   At 175 pages, this resource provides a more exhaustive treatment of expungement than other works on the market . I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and writing this review.  Thank you for your valuable contribution in this field." Captain Darrell Baughn, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Office of the Judge Advocate General.

Thank for your very prompt delivery to me of "Expungements Third Edition."It had the right information in it for me. The expression of concern and humanity of the person who took the time and effort to write this book can only be measured by the salubrious effect that it will have upon any person who closely follows its instructions. C.B.  

 "I received the book today (3nd  edition ). Thank you for your prompt response. The book is excellent, with far more information than I expected. Again, thank you." from  K.W.

Excellent for Judges, Attorneys, Social Workers, Youth Counselors, Teachers and  those seeking an expungement (petitioners)

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