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Frequently Asked Questions About Expungements Answered

"U.S. Law Books - Book of the Year" 

"EXPUNGEMENTS"  3rd Edition


free yourself of legal records lawfully

 175 Pages.  Illustrated with forms 

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"Freedom from the Disability of a Legal Record" 


January 3, 2009 major courts adopt "Expungements" argument !

Read the recent decision by the courts of New Jersey in their adoption of our long standing arguments in this successful expungement of criminal records.....

Why you MUST have this book before starting your expungment. See #14

Includes free filing forms for use with book.

International Standards Book Number (ISBN) 0-9662018-7-6
Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) 2003091108 175  pages

 "U.S. Law Books’ Expungements (3rd) provides  state-specific information and general case law, the book primarily surveys the entire expungement process from creating the record, accessing the record, attempting some form of modification of the record, to testing the success of the record modification.  At 175 pages, this resource provides a more exhaustive treatment of expungement than other works on the market . I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and writing this review (full review link).  Thank you for your valuable contribution in this field." Captain Darrell Baughn, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Office of the Judge Advocate General June 2006

"I received the book today. Thank you for your prompt response. The bookis excellent, far more than I expected. Again, thank you."    K.W., Chicago

"Thank you for this book. It has helped me get my expungement."  B.G., Houston

"Expungements the second edition helped me to clear my record so I could get my citizenship"(2nd  Ed.) R.V. Miami

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Some Questions We Commonly Get about  Expungements  are Answered here:


We get this question all the time "I was told by .....State official, attorney and others that I can not get an expungement or otherwise clear my record.."

The ANSWER is INCORRECT. The fact is most of the people you talk to including and especially the majority of attorneys have no experience in this area of the law for clearing up records. Why is that people ask? The fact is that this specialty of law has been ignored. Anyone that wants to clear the record and is eligible to do so can and has a CONSTITUTIONAL  RIGHT to have the record cleared with few exceptions as listed in this list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below!

See the state laws relating to record expunging and sealing in the FAQ below for you state. #2

Frequently Asked Questions About Expungements

1. I got busted for marijuana. What is the legal statue for expungement in the State of (state)?
The question is more complex than that and it is as much as a matter of a your case's facts and they all vary. A federal or state expungement may apply depending on the quantity. One expungement can free you of both records. In other cases you  need to analyze your case in your own privacy. "Expungements" the third edition will help you do exactly that.

2. Does the expungement information  apply to (state) residents?   The book is designed for all states and federal jurisdictions. The new 3 rd edition now covers state and federal administrative procedures for correcting and or amending civil records now including military and government service records.  But for those that want to know some of the details for their State or federal zones select here : STATE  BY STATE EXPUNGEMENT LAWS  Note: the laws fortunaley change for the better and if you notice a change please email us.

3. What information do I need to get an expungement?
You need to know the workings of the expungement process and know what only the courts and attorneys know and what they will not  tell you that must know   to get an expungement.

4. What is the fastest way of getting this book? BOOKMARK/ORER NOW   Charge your order, we  ship   promptly.  Click Visa/MC  Icon
Send a U.S. Postal money order for two reasons. One we will ship the same day the order is received and two you will not have to wait for a check to clear. Use mail order form at end of this page. 

5. How soon after a conviction can an expungement be applied for?
Depends again on the facts. Some expungements may be started the day after the end of the legal proceedings. 6. I have a loved one who is looking for information on having his felony expunged.  He is currently serving a two year term for I believe it's criminal negligence with a firearm.  We are trying to locate information on how and if it can be expunged or dropped to a misdemeanor.   The expungement book also covers felony and misdemeanors convictions.

7. I committed one crime in my life and was convicted of a felony for embezzlement.  I served one week in jail and was ordered to pay a $86K restitution.  I have been on probation for 3 years now.  Do I have a chance to expunge my felony charge?
Nearly every conviction can be expunged with a few exceptions such as child molesters, crimes while serving in government positions, treason and others. Each person's case is different and must be analyzed and understood.

8. Am I allowed to get expungement on my own?
In a perfect world we can all afford an attorney. The reality is most can not. Everyone has the right to act on their own behalf. You can determine if it something you should do or with the help of a legal professional. It depends on the facts of your case. "Expungements" answers those questions and helps you make a wiser decision. The book comes complete with filing forms which are also downloadable here  for use with the book .  

Download free filing   forms. Same as in the book .

9. How much does an Expungement cost? Under certain circumstances they cost nothing and other times just a filing fee that could be just the courts fee. Then when an attorney is used you can expect almost anything from a free representation to costing thousands. Expungements are worth the price at any cost.

9(a). I need an expungement. Can you recommend an attorney for me in my state?Selecting an attorney is a personal and practical matter. You must get one that is experienced for they type of record you need expunged or changed and one you feel you can communicate with. It is a critical step in terms of cost and effectiveness. One that will give you a free consultation should be sought and favored.

10. I was convicted of filing a false police report over 12 years ago. I want to  get this expunged. Is this costly and does it permanently remove this from my  record? See #9

11. I was arrested (illegally) in Long Beach, CA in July of 1967 for possession of less than one ounce of marihuana. Because my basic civil rights were violated, the charges were dismissed at my arraignment. I will be applying for a governmental job soon and do not wish to put this arrest on my job application.  Do I need to have this arrest expunged?  Absolutely, even dismissed cases have resulting arrest records that must be expunged!

12. I am trying to join the military service. If I expunge my criminal record will they let me join?
Expungements almost always clear all obstacles that they presented by way of the record itself.

 13. Can I get this book from the book store?

Yes, but discounts are not available from the book stores. Unless they have it in stock you are better off getting it directly from U.S. Law Books. Click here http://www.uslawbooks.com/books/expungeorder.htm   Order now and have it in a few days. We ship promptly.

14. Why have this book before proceeding with an expungement?

The fact is anyone can proceed with the expungement process without the information in this book. But, the fact is expungements are not just given because you want one. You have to know how to prepare for an expungement before you apply for one with or without an attorney.  An attorney may not wish to represent you unless you present yourself and your case in an a way that they see as an "acceptable" case.  Nor will the court really be interested in granting one. YOU MUST BE PREPARED. BOOKMARK/ORER NOW

 15. Will a expungement return my rights to own hunting firearms?

Answered in the book- Yes, when the expungement is granted.

16. Can an application for an expungement be ruined? Yes you can ruin your chance for an expungement.  Anyone who is going to try to apply for an expungement without this book could even hurt their chance of obtaining an expungement and  possibly even ruin the possibility of ever obtaining one. We  do not recommend proceeding without it even if you plan on using an attorney. Expungements are too valuable and important and it is a risk not to know what is in this book when applying for one.   


17. I am short on funds is there a way I can get this book free?

Yes, print this form and take it to your local library : Library order forms  BOOKMARK/ORER NOW  18. I have already been turned down for an expungement Is there anything I can still do to get one? Absolutely. There is an approach that is often and almost always overlooked even by the best attorneys by filing a civil rights action .  See  page 39 in"Expungements3rd Edition".  

19. Are there forms that I can get to start the expungement process on my own?
The expungement book contains general and specific forms and directions to fill them out, when and where to use them. If you have purchased  the book they are also free to download at: expform.exe  The book has the directions for use. 20. I am a non US citizen can I get an expungement and can that prevent me from being deported? Yes. Non citizens can get expungements and MUST do so. An expungement can help prevent you from being deported for certain crimes. 21. I need an attorney for my expungement. Can you find one for me.

Selecting an attorney is a personal choice once you find one that is qualified and experienced in this area. For criminal expungements contact a criminal attorneys in your area and ask for a free consultation to determine if they are the right attorney for you.

22. I was told by the state of New Mexico that the president is the only one who can expunge a federal offense.  Is this true?
NO. Presidents give pardons and pardons do not erase the legal record. Expungement must still be applied for and it is a process that goes through the court.

23.  On your FAQ page, you have listed child molesters, rapists, and treason as exceptions.  Does your book cover sexual assault on a minor over the age of 13 but under the age of 18?  If this is also an exception then my purchase of the book will be a waste of money.

For the most part aggravated sexual predators have no chance. Depending on the facts of the case there may be a chance if there are mitigating factors which would have minimized the offense. Your money will not be wasted as there are state and federal options that may be of help  if all the requirements have been met. It depends on many factors of the case such as how long ago, the nature of the offense, age of the offender, the injury to the child, the intent of the act, was it accidental or innocent contact and more. If you are a habitual and chronic predator of children or even committed a heinous act against the most innocent then the book is only for your information.

24. What else does this book contain?

 It contains nearly priceless legal research that an attorney must normally do at a rate of $200.00 and more an hour. It can typically take a inexperienced attorney 10-20 hours just to identify, locate, collect the information and prepare the expungement application forms it contains.  

*Exceptions for most expungements are rapists, child molesters and treason.  Nearly every other crime (misdemeanor are also crimes) is eligible. Even multipe convictions if wnad when rehabilitation has been demonsrtated.  

Finally do you want to be free from the eternal sentence of a record that will prevent you from ever achieving your goals in life?Do you want to be able to live your life again to its fullest potential?Do you want to be able to lawfully  say and deny you ever performed an act resulting in a legal record?Don't you feel you have the right to have a good job and career?
If your answer is YES to starting a new life begin the expungement process right now with the  "Expungements 2nd".
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YOU must take the initiative....


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