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How? Ask your public library's librarian to order it for you and general circulation. Libraries welcome your suggestions for great books especially self-help  ones that help people such as the law books from U.S. Law Books. Click on this link to print a copy of the special library order form. Take it to your library and ask them to get them for you and other library patrons. Just click HERE and print the page.

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"EXPUNGEMENTS 3rd Edition"-Freedom from the disability of a legal record.

"Eastman on Defending Your Employee Rights 2nd "- Protecting yourself from discriminatory, reatliatory and other forms of wrongful terminations.

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Download your free copy of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) from this page.

Note: Some places charge hundreds of dollars for these publications. Totally free download here! Understanding the law and advocating your rights is extremely important. As J.D. Eastman, says in his book  " Defending Your Employee Rights"   that  "Without you knowing the law or what your rights are these laws just don't exist for you. It is your duty and your responsibility to have basic understanding of legal procedure along with the laws and how to use them. Knowing the law is your primary safeguard protecting you, your rights and your property." Did you know that a contractual right is considered property under the law?

We have made two of the most important legal publications available here for you to download. Every law office, court, law school and judge has a copy of these publications. Many pay hundreds of dollars for these publications. Get yours now free and here today!

Get these free publications and related information from:

American Justice Studies

Newest and Important Books in LAW Today!

EXPUNGEMENTS-Clearing the legal record

EMPLOYEE RIGHTS-Defending your rights as an employee!