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Expung Your Own Legal Record see:

how to expung your own record all states"EXPUNGEMENTS" 3rd Edition

Expung for Freedom from the Disability of a Legal Record

International Standards Book Number (ISBN) 0-9662018-7-6
Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) 2003091108 


Statutes and Laws  Governing  Records Relief by Expungement

Expung in all 50 States and Federal Zones

(Note: Laws change -advise us of updates to keep this information current)


Every State in the union has statutory law that rules how and what records may be modified, amended, changed, expunged, sealed or otherwise corrected. Before anyone proceeds they should review the existing law for the state for which records relief is  sought. Some states have no laws dealing directly with the issue of records expungement, sealing or amendment. In such cases where there ares no such laws it will often prove to be easier to obtain records relief. There is always relief to be found in the courts. If you have been rehabilitated you have a RIGHT to be free from the lifetime disability of a legal record. See "Expungments 3 rd Edition" for more detailed infomation.  Select the state for which you are seeking records relief information, regulations, rules and statutes:


  Click here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions to Expung Records


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