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Everything at this site is free for download. You may wish to visit the selected law book collection site below if you need some professional practice level books.


    CONTRACT LAW           
    CRIMINAL LAW        
    EXPUNGEMENTS 3nd Edition 2007     
    *  The LAW OF CITIZENSHIP (1)    
    and  JURISDICTION  (2)

    *Understanding citizenship (1) and jurisdiction (2) is very critical. These are absolute musts. Do not pass them by as they are extremely valuable and rare works..


    You must review two of the  MOST IMPORTANT  books in  LAW today!

    "Expungements 3rd" - Freedom from the Disability of a Legal Record 3rd Edition"
    "Defending Your Employee Rights"- The Ultimate Employee Survival Guide

    You Must Understand Jurisdiction BEFORE going to Court to understand
    your rights and the application of the court rules.

    NEW - Free Law Encyclopedia for Law Students. This 16 volume 2600 page collection is totally free and represents one of the finest law study collections ever created. Although there is an emphasis on taxation the true value is in its clear and simple application of law, jurisdiction , pretrial and discovery forms, complete with hundreds of forms and more. Newly published and freely updated weekly.  If you are tired of looking for a large collection of expensive books that are not organized for you legal studies then stop right now and download this free encyclopedia. Let us know what you think. Visit now and begin downloading.            



    "The Federal Zone"  No one can understand or work in law as a paralegal, lawyer or attorney without understanding jurisdiction. This work by attorney Paul Andrew Mitchell explains jurisdiction. Too many cases are in the wrong jurisdiction. Get your dismissal for lack of jurisdiction.  Download this free  book and teach your teacher. Master jurisdiction and master the law. Know how to challenge jurisdiction.  One of the finest legal works published in the last 50 years. It is a free download. 10 chapters, practice and discovery forms at about 800 pages.

    WWW.OUTLAWSLEGAL.COM is the site dedicated to those that are willing and able to stand for their legal rights. They offer a collection of legal guides for those of us that know they can help themselves and not wish to be a victim a second time  when they seek legal help from those they trust.

    On-Line Citizen Law SchoolFree Self Study Guides

    »Don't Miss These! Get The Free Legal Forms and Law Study Outlines - Click Here!«

    Bouvier's Law  

    Dictionary and Reference  
                    The Bouvier Law Dictionary remains the basis for the interpretation of Law since the founding of the American nation. In questions of law regarding legal definitions from that period it remains the final arbiter of any disputed interpretation of that law.                                 




    Free here or pay Amazon $120.00


    First Get These Free Legal Forms, Law Reference Books and Downloads
    Also available on CD

    Federal Rules of Evidence (you must get This)
    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure(you must get this)
    Free forms for all the Rules of Discovery and Disclosure under FRCP 26-37 (you must get this)
    Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
    Rules of the United States Supreme Court
    Uniform Commercial Code-Part I
    Uniform Commercial Code 2B
    Download Acrobat Reader 4.0 for FRE, FRCP, and UCC
    Federal Appellate Review Procedure - For appealing U.S. District Court orders, death penalty, writ of mandamus, habeus corpus and other relief.

    Federal Informal Appeal Brief Form for Pro Se
    How to Avoid Dismissal of Your Case as a Pro Se for Filing Flaws

    Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics (all free)

    Special note: Nearly all American common law is based on English common law. Some law also come from Spanish and French origins from their respective former colonies. Legal scholars, attorneys and judges  regularly cite cases in their legal briefs from these cases. Very important references. Follow link below.

    Excellent Collection of Legal Documents- All can be cited in court briefs.


    Invoke state constitutional law when and where it protects more than federal law which may often be the case.

    Review all of your state's protection available under the law.

    Then Learn to Use these Law Research Sites: FEDERAL LEGAL INFORMATION SOURCES

    United States Code from Library of Congress
    United States Code-Table and Indexed Site
    U.S. Code of Federal Regulations-Searchable
    Federal Registry-Proposed New CFR
    Search Current U.S. Supreme Court Cases since 1990
    Federal District Court Decisions - Note: N.J. is Third District
    Federal Government Sites
    Federal Judicial Center

    Federal Discovery Forms

    "What Constitutes a Good Legal Education?" - the renowned Jurist Roscoe Pound

    Image of Mail Your legal questions welcomed!Image of Mail

    NJ State Law Sites

    New Jersey Law Network
    New Jersey Government at The New Jersey Law Network
    New Jersey State Legislature Home Page
    New Jersey Statutes
    New Jersey Judiciary Homepage
    Municipal Appeals
    Disrespectful/Incompetent Municipal Court? In re Yengo &In re Albano
    Impeachment of New Jersey State Officers, Officials and Employees

    Law School Libraries

    Villanova University
    Emory University School of Law
    Rutgers School of Law
    Cornell Legal Information Institute
    Indiana Univ.Law Library

    Have not found what you are looking for? The US LAWBOOKS Collection of Professional Law Books has the finest collection of Law Books on the Web

    Obtaining a Legal Education

    List of Schools Where YOU can Learn the Law

    Specialized Law Sites:

    Employee Rights
    Workplace Violence - Causes And Prevention
    PrairieLaw: A New Breed of Lawyers for Real Justice
    Find a Lawyer by Specialty and Location
    National Federation of Paralegal Associations
    The LAWGURU Legal Research Site
    CourtTV Home Page
    Justice Information Center-Official