You are Entitled to Respect in Municipal Court

The state Supreme Court does will not tolerate judges that ignore the law. It also will not put up with rude, sarcastic or insensitive municipal court judges. Judges are expected to be dignified, patient and courteous to those who appear before them. In 1978, the court wrote:

"It is the judge's obligation to see that justice is done in every case that comes before him. This includes not only reaching the correct legal result in the particular case, but also the exhibiting at all times of judicial demeanor, patience and understanding. People come to the court to be heard. They have the right to expect that in presenting their grievances they will treated with respect." (In re Albano, 75 N.J. 509,514)

Regarding your rights the NJ Supreme Court's Chief Justice Hughes wrote:

"The poorest, weakest most hapless or illiterate defendant standing before an American court, is entitled to exactly the same respect, rights and hearing as would be the Chief Justice of the United States standing before the court and similarly accused." (In re Yengo, 72 N.J. 450)

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct is responsible for investigating citizens' complaints against judges who don't meet this standard. If you have a complaint write to the committee. Provide information including the name of the court, name of the judge, when this happened and all the details of your complaint.

Write to:
New Jersey Supreme Court
Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct
CN 037
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Phone 609-292-2553

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