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Internet Expungement and Investigative Services™

Have you Binged, Googled or Yahooed Your Name Recently?

Victims of Internet Publication. Ending Defamatory, Libelous, Malicious and Frivolous Internet Publications! Do not tolerate it. You may also be entitled to monetary compensation!


People are posting your personal information without your authority. Your name is your personal property and it is in effect your trademark™ at Common Law  under the United States Constitution and is unique to YOU if you so claim it! No one has the right to use your name without your permission especially if it is injurious to you in ANY way. Such as your personal security, your ability to work and your happiness. Yes, there is generally one exception and that is public safety if you are a criminal and CURRENTLY pose a risk to the public. But generally those are in jail.

Bing, Google and Yahoo your name today see who is saying what?

Do it today. You may find the reason you are not being hired, are losing business or suffering other losses or injuries.

Is there wrongful, mean, libelous, malicious, defamatory information out there targeting you, your family or business? File suit for defamation, emotional distress, possible loss of job because of information posted without you permission and other compensatory claims. See our Pro Se CD Collection and learn the law!

Copy any such information immediately and call us!!

You do not have to tolerate it and it can be lawfully removed!! We have the legal team of attorneys,  investigators and all the required Internet expertise to help you eliminate nearly any and all harmful information on the Internet about you.


Are you a victim of a frivolous, unnecessary, wrongful or malicious internet publication that is libelous, malicious and injurious to your income, business or reputation? There are many causes of action for such injuries.

We will document any such injurious publication, lawfully work to have it removed and forward it to you and your attorneys for lawsuit and full recovery for all injuries you may have sustained in terms of personal injury, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other causes of action.

You may also end the publication of so-called public records from State and Federal sources including all records held by them.


Our legal staff will assist your attorney in the prosecution of any such publications.
Attorneys contact us today for a free initial legal consultation:

You may use your own attorney or one of ours.

Are YOU a victim of a WRONGFUL Employer?

Do you have a criminal or legal record you wish expunged?

Are you a victim of suspect forgery?

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