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Note: Either Hard or Soft Forensic Document Analysis are Available

Ordering  Forensic  Document Examinations
and Forgery Analysis

Detection of forged documents involves writing and media. This includes papers, inks, pencil etc. We use the most current, effective and proven scientific techniques and technologies.

Our Analysts have degrees in the legal sciences are trained and experienced legal and criminal investigators. IBM trained and certified print analysts. Their experience includes digital discovery, the probate of wills, check forgery detection, contract law and other related areas of legal expertise. You get a competent, confidential and private analysis with a concluding opinion. Forgery analysis should not be performed in a contextual vacuum absent a legal case analysis of the document(s) in question.

Our Optical Laboratory  uses magnifiers, high-powered  microscopes (micro and macro objectives), polarizers,  complete spectral analyzers, including infrared, ultraviolet (short and long wave) and LASER fluorescence amplification technologies. 

Historical Documents - Request a price quote from NSP Analysis for specific documents from forgery@uslawbooks.com  

All communications kept confidential under law. We will not keep any copies of the documents you send us. After 90 days all will be destroyed. Do not send originals except for level two analysis with U.S. Postal certified or otherwise hand delivered.

Special note: You may wish to consider a Soft Forensic Document Exmination (SFDE) for your immediate needs.

Important:  In the majority of cases a Level One Analysis is sufficient in  civil matters and will result in an admission or settlement. Getting an analysis shifts the burden of proof to the opposing party contending the validity of a writing or signature. If  there is strong  suspicion of  a forgery it is worth getting a Level One Analysis.  Reasonably priced and lawfully effective

Levels of Forensic Forgery Handwriting Analysis

Level One: Signature Analysis-Hard Copy    (See: Optional Soft Forensic Analysis)  $ 125.00

Documents you or the Investigator  must provide (Send best quality copies only)

a)The suspected or questioned forged document.

b)2-3 Samples or specimens of known handwritings of a true signature from different time periods on official documents such as checks, driver's license, contracts or other forms. See SIGS  our specimen sources list  to aid the investigator in the identification and location of documents that may contains signatures and writings that may be used for analysis.  Note: If  it involves your writings it is suggested that the investigator follow the instructions in Level One Suspect Exclusion (SE) and complete the  Specimen Analysis Forms (SAF) which you may download free from our link below, infra.  (The completion of the SAF form should/must be witnessed or adminstered by Notary or Attorney)

c) A case statement or brief or letter stating the circumstances of the suspect forgery, sex, age and health of the person signing the documents in question and what the losses are were due to the suspected forged signature(s).

d) Names of any attorney retained in the case or law enforcement agency that you have contacted.

The Two  Part Report You Receive in Return (about 5-10 days)

1. A 1-3 page preliminary analysis and opinion from a trained expert in handwriting analysis stating an opinion as to the signature and document's authenticity. This can help you decide if want to pursue the case further and, 

2. A certified evaluation and concluding opinion by the analyst. 


Level One: Signature Analysis plus Suspect $ 150.00

If you have a suspect you wish to include or exclude  to try to prove WHO wrote a forgery, you will need to send  signatures and or  writings of the suspect or person  from around the same time period as the writing being questioned.

Note: If you choose a level two analysis later you are given full credit within 14 days.

You will then receive two reports:

1) A preliminary analysis and opinion (as above) whether or not the writing on the Questioned or Suspect Document is forged or authentic and,

2) A analytical report on whether or not your suspect could have written the forgery (i.e. whose hand wrote the forgery)

Level One: Signature Analysis Suspect Exclusion/Inclusion using SAF
$ 150.00

To exclude anyone as a suspect it is highly recommeded that they submit to a completion of the Specimen Analysis Forms (SAF).   The SAF is sent along with known documented  writings and the questioned document.  These forms provide samples that can and will in nearly all cases conclusively exclude any suspect if not in their writing. (The completion of the SAF form should/must be witnessed or adminstered by Notary or Attorney). No forgerer to date has decieved the SAF analysis and conclusions.

You will then receive:

1) A concluding report either stating that the writings/signature of the questioned document are that of the suspect or not. Using the SAF for our investigative reports are considered conclusive and not merely opinion.

Level One: Full Document Analysis - All suspect writing noted.
$ 175.00

If there are suspect alterations, modifications or other discrepencies up to 2 pages are included with all such noted. Includes signature and analsyis of any suspect changes.

Level Two: Detailed  Analysis of Original Document    $450.00

Documents you must provide.

a) The the original suspected forged document (sent by certified mail) keeping a notarized copy for yourself. We will return your original via certified mail after analysis. 
b) Six (6) samples of known handwritings of true signature including:
           1. Known non-suspect sample copy of canceled checks 
           2. Known signatures in letters written 3, 6, 12 months prior
               to suspect forgery. See SIGS above.  
           3. Copies of signatures on insurance policies, social security card
               drivers license or other official documents.
           4. Any other documents that have known signatures and writings.
c) A case brief, statement or letter stating the circumstances of the suspect forgery and what the losses are in resulting writings.

Certified Report You Receive in Return (about 30 days)

A detailed legally certified analysis and 6 page report on the opinion from a trained forensic forgery expert in handwriting analysis stating an opinion as to the documents authenticity or suspect forgery.

The Legal Certification

The report comes with legal certification complete with affidavit from the forensic analyst. With this certification you can go to an attorney with some certainty as to the highly questionable circumstances of the writings/drawings. You can also take it to local law enforcement to determine if there is criminality involvement for local legal investigation and possible prosecution.

Forensic Document Examiners Work Product Analysis

A separate report that identifies how it was concluded that writings were determined to be a forgery or not.

E-mail us Forgery@USLawBooks.com

Court or Deposition Appearance                                                                  Cost: Varies-Contact Us for Quotes 
Dependent on the time, travel and expenses involved a forensic forgery expert will testify in any legal proceeding to give their expert opinion about the documents in question. Transportation and accommodations to be provided in advance.

Reference for Attorneys and Investigators

Case Law for Attorneys  - Daubert, Frye, FRE and case law pertaining to the collection of writing samples.

Evidence Law for Legal Investigators Information page for the use of a  Forensic Document Examiner's report and testimony as evidence and current case law supporting the use of such expert's  reports. 

 Investigator's Guide  - Review the guidelines for collecting samples.

Collection Guide - Investigator's Guide for the subject interview, investigation and collection of specimens.


Note: If you are not legally trained you should not rely on your own interpetation of the law. The LAW is "fact pattern" sensetive and does not always apply even when it appears to do so to the lay person.

Specimen Analysis Forms for Attorney or Notary Witness -Hard Copy Analysis

Required to definitivley include or exclude for wrtings more than signature. (optional)

Download the FREE Acrobat reader to print the Specimen Forms Download if needed


Download the Specimen Analysis Forms (SAF)  and complete as instructed.  Download the free Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it. Then select and print the order  form below.



Download specimen forms


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