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Home Page of US Law BooksComplete Catalog of Reviewed Law BooksCurrent and Recent Monthly Specials from US Law BooksUser, customer comments and reviews.Mail Order form for Our Best SellersE-Mail US Law BooksLegal Links to Select Law Sites Free Law Study Guides American Justice  Studies from U.S. Law BooksPublic Legal Question and Answer Forum Sends us your legal questionsFree legal forms-briefs,pre-trial practice, discovery, depositon, FRE, FRCP, UCC and more!
Recent Books of the Month  and Current Specials

Pro Se Legal Practice CD Collection                                                                        

See our complete collection of legal forms, case briefs, trial transcripts, discovery forms, Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Blackstone's Common Laws of England (which is also the common law of America under the Constitution), expungement application, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and more!

  Expungements 3rd Edition- Freedom from the Disability of a Legal Record   39.95   Freedom from the disability of a legal record.

Expungement of criminal record. The guide for applying for state and federal criminal record expungement. With free legal forms. It is tragic thatover 4 million American citizens have a legal record that continues to disable them in society long after they have served their sentences and paid the penalties. These criminal  records come a life sentence often  from a one-time illegal act, felony, crime and misdemeanors. Nearly all records can be expunged, sealed, or otherwise be eliminated from the public legal record.  The newly expanded 2005 edition-available now (180 pgs. illus.) includes state and federal administrative record changes and amendments for all departments and agencies including all military branches. 

Defending Your Employee Rights                                                                        $49.95   The ultimate book for defending your employee rights!

Protecting Your Employee Rights from Fraud, Abuse, Retaliation, Discrimination, Workplace Violence, harassment,  Exploitation, Wrongful and Retaliatory Terminations. There is no need for anyone to be victim of workplace violence, fraud, discrimination, sexual or other harassment nor any other violations of the law. Know your rights.  130 pgs. illus  

How to Win A Lawsuit Without a Lawyer                                                             89.95    How to Win a Lawsuit Without a Lawyer

By Boston's Constitutional Attorney David Grossack- Don't be intimidated by bureaucrats, sue them! Find out when and how you can sue prosecutors, judges and other public parasites.  Find our when racketeering statutes may apply to your favorite bureaucrat.  Master complex legal concepts... we'll make them simple i.e. most lawyers don't know the principles behind the Ninth Amendment or the difference between procedural and substantive due process.. You Will!  Find out what is meant by equitable relief, e.g. declaratory judgment or injunction.  Understand selective prosecution  and equal protection of the law.  Learn to use the law library, write like a lawyer and use the procedural rules.  You'll be able to prepare pleadings, use the law library and obtain evidence from your opponents.  Be one of the few people in the courtroom who know what they're doing.  Read this valuable book now. 250 pgs.

The Art of Trial - Constitutional Warfare                                                             49.95    Constitutional Warfare

Trial preperation is like preparing for war. Grossack's Constitutional Warfare  is a must have book in your legal arsenal if you are seeking to master some of the most powerful  legal filings in either or both state or federal court. Besides providing the fundamental information to file a properly constructed COMPLAINT ( Note : If your complaint is not properly constructed it will be thrown out ) and doing legal research such as using the citizen owned court law library and it's  legal reference  books like Shepard's Citation, American Jurisprudence, WestLaw Digests, Grossack shows you the "power points of law" that only a savvy, competent, patriot lawyer would divulge. Learn how to effectively use filings and motions for summary judgment, injunctions, declaratory relief, understanding and using discovery. So  much more... You must have this book. Period!(Editor: U.S. Law Books)  78 pgs


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